About lady maxx drag queen transformer

Despite extensive studies in the hotel industry (Hotel Technician Patent), Maxx decided to change his destiny. He arrives in Paris with the sole aim of achieving what he has been dreaming of for many years: to be an artist...
It all starts one night when drag queens make their appearances. Lonely, he chooses to invest himself in order to create his character. Maxx is determined...
His natural curiosity, his creative spirit and his professionalism allow him to work for many years and to give him a certain assurance. Often solicited by the audiovisual community, his character is recognized in the four corners of France.
Self-taught, he decides to take it to the next level. At the same time web master, event organizer, drag queen and transformer Maxx has managed to impose itself in the very closed environment of the night and the show.

To this day he combines between several universes between his job as a make-up artist / Ambassador for Christian Dior and his passion the show he performs every weekend throughout France

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